Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a school group session?
It is best to book your school visit through Historic Scotland Learning Services on 0131 652 8155. By booking through Historic Scotland, the group, including teachers, will be able to gain free access to Fort George and a travel subsidy. For further information on making a booking through Historic Scotland please follow this link

Our World War Two workshops are run in liaison with Historic Scotland.

World War One workshops are run independently, so please contact the museum to book that workshop, but please note it is still necessary to book your visit to the Fort through Historic Scotland to gain free access to the site and travel subsidy.

I would like to bring a group to the museum but do not want to visit the rest of the Fort, do I still need to book through Historic Scotland?
Yes, any individuals or groups coming into the Fort need come through the Historic Scotland entrance, regardless of what the purpose of their visit is.

I would like to bring a group to Fort George but it is not a school group, can we still get into the site free of charge?
It depends on the type of group. To qualify the group must have a genuine educational purpose, and planned educational activity that will be carried out as part of the visit. For more information follow this link 

Is there a charge for workshop activities?
Yes, we ask for £2 per head to cover our costs.

I would like to bring a school group to the museum for workshop activities, but none of the workshops outlined on this website would be suitable to the topics we are studying. Is it possible to work with museum staff to produce bespoke workshops?
Yes, if there is a particular topic you are studying, and is one that the museum can cater for, we are willing to create appropriate workshops to cover them. To discuss your ideas in more detail, contact the education officer, Lynsey Easton on 01667 460 466.

Is there a limit to group sizes?
It is possible to bring a large group to visit Fort George, but we advise a limit of 33 per visit inside the museum. It is possible to split a group of 66 into two, with one group doing museum workshop activities, and the other visiting the Fort, with a swap later on.